The Credit Union movement was introduced into Ireland in 1958 by Nora Herilhy with the support of a number of other dedicated pioneers.

Since then, the Credit Union philosophy of mutual self-help has proved very popular, and there are now over 265 Credit Unions affiliated to the Irish league of Credit Unions throughout the country.

Duleek Credit Union Ltd was established in 1968 for the purpose of providing the people of Duleek with financial security and independence. Since then we have grown from strength to strength, with a membership of over 5500 and savings in excess of €14 million. We currently have €5.7 million of those shares out on loan to our members.

Members of Duleek Credit Union enjoy benefits including:

  • Control over their own finances
  • Excellent service
  • Loan availability at a very competitive rate of 10.99% (APR 11.6%)
  • Security of savings through the Credit Union’s fidelity bond and through the Irish League of Credit Unions Savings Protection Scheme
  • Loan Protection and Life Savings Insurance, under most circumstances, at no direct cost to the member.
  • No hidden charges or penalties for early loan repayment
  • A wide and growing range of services
  • Directly contributes to the economic development of the local community

Duleek Credit Union is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland