Need a loan?

Why not come to Duleek Credit Union for a loan?

‘It has never been a better time to take out a loan with Duleek Credit Union’


All our plans have become even more affordable,as the interest rate in Duleek Credit Union is only 9.99%(APR 10.49%) – both for existing loans and for new loans!

Not only that, the benefits of borrowing with Duleek Credit Union give you the Member, added peace of mind when taking out your loan. Benefits include:

  • Free Life Insurance cover
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Loan Calculator
  • No fees, charges or penalties
  • Low interest rate charged on the reducing loan balance
  • Easy ways to make repayments

“Duleek Credit Union – You know it makes sense!”

How much does a Credit Union loan cost?

Rate of interest @ 9.99% (APR 10.49%)

This rate of interest, together with the free loan insurance and other benefits make your Credit Union by far the best option for personal loans.


Why is a Credit Union loan better?

  • A credit union loan has some very special features:
  • Loans are insured at no direct cost to the eligible member
  • No hidden fees or transaction charges
  • Very reasonable interest rates
  • Repayments calculated on the reducing balance of the loan. This means smaller interest repayments as you repay your loan
  • Repayment terms to suit your particular circumstances
  • You can repay the loan earlier with no penalty
  • No Interest charged on interest
  • Additional lump sum repayments accepted with no penalty
  • Flexibility to make larger repayments than agreed with no penalty

Loan Applications

The Credit Union will consider loan applications from members for any worthwhile purpose. Each application is treated in the utmost confidence and will be considered based on;

  • Its own merits
  • The member’s shares
  • Their past history
  • Other financial commitments
  • Ability to repay in a reasonable period of time
  • Existing loan balance (if applicable)

It is credit union policy to meet the borrowing requirements of as many members as possible, depending on the available funds.

Applications for loans are made on a standard loan application form. Loans can be applied for by calling to our office, by telephone or via the members section of the web site. Our staff will give you any assistance required. Loans will then be considered by a Loan Officer, or will go to the Credit Committee, who meet once a week.

Remember – only members are eligible to receive loans from your credit union