“By holding as little as €1.27 in your account you will be a member for life”

Membership benefits…

  • Convenient & flexible loans
  • Choice of Savings Accounts
  • No transaction charges or hidden fees
  • School Savings Schemes
  • Travel Insurance
  • Free Life Savings and Loans Protection insurance
  • For more information on member services and products visit Available Services.

How do I become a Member

Joining Duleek Credit Union is one of the best ways of managing your money. We work with you the Member and the local community to allow you to save and borrow money at low interest rates.

The Credit Union is a non-profit organisation and any surplus goes to you the Member through the payment of a dividend at the end of each financial year.

Anyone from any age group within the local area can become a Member. If you work in the local area you can also become a Member.

If you are an existing member of another Credit Union, you can join Duleek Credit Union and transfer your savings and loan and avail of the attractive benefits that our Credit Union has to offer!

Membership Application

Opening an Account?

You must provide proof of identity with the following:

  • A current valid passport or driving licence
  • A Recent Utility Bill or Bank Statement or government document with the current home address dated within the last 6 months.
  • PPS number on an official document such as Social welfare card, Drugs Payment Card, Medical Card, or government document.

Membership of the Credit Union

Joining the credit union is easy. Once you are within the common bond, just apply for membership at our office. There is a nominal entrance fee of €1.20 for anyone over 16 years of age and you may start by lodging a minimum of €1.27. The nominal entrance fee does not apply to anyone under the age of 16. You are encouraged to save regularly, even in small amounts, which will create the habit of saving and add to the savings pool

Every person who saves in the credit union is an owner, and has a say in its running. Each member has one vote, because as a democratic financial co-operative, the credit union is controlled by its members.

Click on the relevant icon below to download a Membership Application Form and a Nomination Form.

What is a Nomination form?

All members may nominate a person or persons to become entitled at his/her death to their savings, subject to a maximum of €23,000. Any member who has not already completed a nomination form may do so at any time in the Credit Union office.

Dear Members,
Please be advised that from March 31st 2019, the maximum amount that can be lodged to your account for saving per month is €2000. The Board feel that €2,000 is a reasonable amount, and well above the average members saving trends.
We will not accept transfer of funds above that amount by Cheque, EFT or S/O, funds will be returned.
the Credit Union has placed an upper limit on total savings of €30,000 per member, and a monthly limit of €2,000 which allows members to save a reasonable amount of funds for their future needs.

Find the Standing Order Form, Form of Nomination and Membership Form in our Downloads section