Dear Members,
Please be advised that from March 31st 2019, the maximum amount that can be lodged to your account for saving per month is €2000. The Board feel that €2,000 is a reasonable amount, and well above the average members saving trends.
We will not accept transfer of funds above that amount by Cheque, EFT or S/O, funds will be returned.
the Credit Union has placed an upper limit on total savings of €30,000 per member, and a monthly limit of €2,000 which allows members to save a reasonable amount of funds for their future needs.

Making payments to your Credit Union account has never been easier.

Set up a standing order with your bank and they will forward a fixed amount weekly, fortnightly or monthly for payment to your Credit Union account.

Details required to set up a standing order are available for downloading from our secure member’s area or from our office.

Obtain the necessary details from our office

Remember, if you set up a payment through your bank you must state your credit union account number as the reference.

Find our Standing Order Form in the Downloads Section.